Laser Therapy

We are very excited to offer Laser Therapy to our patients.  Laser therapy works by increasing the amount of available oxygen to the cell's mitochondria.  Having oxygen available to the power plant of the cell boosts healing and reduces inflammation.  Therefore, pet's will heal faster from surgery and chronic illnesses.  Laser Therapy also reduces inflammation in joints and works well in our geriatric patients helping them to move with less pain.

What will your pet feel?

Laser therapy produces a warm sensation over the affected area, similar to a heating pad.  Treatment lasts for 3-10 minutes depending on the number of sites involved and does not cause any changes to the skin or hair.  It may take several treatments to notice your pet feeling better and see improvement in wounds and surgical incisions.

Common Uses for Laser Therapy:-Surgery sites-Gingival sites from dental cleaning or extractions-Chronic ear infections-Lick Granulomas-Wounds-Muscle sprains and strains-Back pain and disc diseaseFor additional information click here



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