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Does your pet have stinky breath?

If you answered yes, then your pet likely has dental disease.

Bad breath is the first sign of periodontal disease and is due to excessive tartar (and the corresponding bacteria in it) that has accumulated on the teeth.  As tartar builds up on the teeth, bacteria start invading the gum tissue and roots of the teeth.  The teeth deteriorate, and bacteria can enter the blood stream.  Once in the blood stream, bacteria can travel to other organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver.  This reduces organ function and can eventually lead to death.

Keep your pet happy and healthy with a year dental cleaning.  During the month of September, we are giving $75 off of a routine dental cleaning or $100 off of a complicated dental procedure (dental cleaning with tooth extraction).  Call us for more information!


Preventative care and early detection of disease can help your beloved pet live a long and healthy life.  In order to detect disease early, we recommend having lab work performed once a year on pets.  Oakcrest Pet Hospital is now offering Wellness Preventative Packages which include full comprehensive lab panels for a fraction of what they used to cost.   The lab panels are listed below and available when you bring your pet for his/her semiannual examination.  Call us to schedule your pet's appointment today!

Wellness Package

Wellness Package